At Marcantonio Foods we are one of UK's largest suppliers of ice cream cones, flavourings and decorations most of which is manufactured at our own factory in Barking. We have in-house gelato chefs and development technologists available to provide assistance with New Product Development. Besides striving for innovation we also care about the classics like our own Teddy Bear range.

We've got years of experience, bags of enthusiasm and an amazing array of ways to help your business prosper and grow. Being the best at what we do is one thing, but always trying to stay ahead, develop and innovate: that's what really motivates us.  And that's why we try always to press on, develop, offer you more; whether it's new products, flavourings, marketing ideas, recipe formulations or display advice, the latest software or, for example, equipping all our vehicles with satellite tracking technology, so you know exactly where your delivery is, day or night.

So, in a nutshell, that's who we are. The reason we're always trying to improve is not to give us something to talk about on our website, it's to give you what you need, that extra edge, to run your business better. Because if you're successful then so are we, and the better you do, the more we like it.

From the creamy dairy ice cream to the gum in your screwball, when dealing with Gortrush Trading, you can be sure you are dealing with people who know what they are talking about. Quality products at great value are available as standard at Gortrush Trading. So what is the added value of doing business with Gortrush Trading? Their wealth of experience in the industry, the variety of products and services they offer and a friendly face with the invaluable advice learnt from years of hard graft.